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Comments & Feedback from 2019 PEP-Scotland

-This was a great class. I would like more of this kind of stuff.


--I really enjoyed this course. Tarik and Ashford were really inspiring. They taught things that will help me move forward and better my life. Thank you.--Yes, I really liked this course and I think it will help other prisoners as it has helped me.


--I thought this course was really good. It opened my mind to how I am as a person. It was good to look at my strengths and weaknesses. Great Course, Great Teachers, Much Respect!


--This course was a real eye-opener. I did not realize how much self-awareness could impact me but it has really opened my eyes to how I like to be treated and how I treat others. I will always remember the techniques that I learned and implement them when dealing with individuals in the future.


--Interesting, Enjoyable, Educational.


--It was good to learn. I liked it in this class. It good to learn new things. I hope you come back again.


--I will take a lot away from this experience and use it to my benefit when I am released into the community. Thanks for the help.


--I think it was great and I think prisons should do more of these types of classes in the future because I learned more about myself doing the color chart thing and I was amazed my personality was all the colors: blue green, orange, gold—unbelievable.


--Good time spent on the course for me to be a better person all around in life skills—more understanding myself.


--I think the course was great. It has made me understand more the I person that I would like to become.


--I really enjoyed the course and the wisdom and input mean a lot to me and it will definitely inspire me in the future. Thank you Tarik & Ashford for your input & wisdom. Your course has made me think differently in the Life. Thank you both so much.


--I really enjoyed this course. It helped me learn a lot about the things that I need to work on as a person but also the good things about myself.


--Amazing, Top Guys!! I think this course will help a lot of people across the world...the same way it helped me! I would like to thank Tarik & Ashford for their big efforts.


--I believe this True Colors course is a very valuable course and I wish it could have gone on longer, as its definitely helped me row and I will be using what I have learned in the future. Ashford and Tarik were great at their job and were never flustered and handled themselves with class!!!


--This course shed light on important intricate social circumstances that can go either way based on decisions made in the heat of the moment emotionally-driven/influenced reaction with minimal of complete lack of consideration for potential life-altering consequences to oneself and others. I am more mindful of these triggers and am equipped to handle myself better in a civilized & diplomatic manner as I progress through life moving forward. Thank you.

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