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Tentative Cost, Dates & Details

June 2-June 10, 2023

All plans are tentative. We hope to have details finalized by mid-April, 2023.

The program will be limited to 40 participants. Priority will go to PEP veterans.
Please read all details below thoroughly! 

Orientation will be held in Edinburgh on Sunday, June 4th. Classes will run June 5-9.

There is still ongoing uncertainty with world events, Covid, the economy, and more. There is always a chance that facilities could choose to cancel PEP at the last minute. If classes are canceled, PEP will not reimburse volunteers for any travel expenses that have been purchased. You should use your own judgment and discuss refund options with any airline, hotel, or transportation provider you select to make sure they are flexible enough for your comfort level.

Estimated Cost for Air Fare & Hotel: $1,950 

Please see notes below*

*Airfare: Est. $1,150 (LAX to/from Edinburgh) 

Hotel: You should estimate approx. $80/night double-occupancy or $160 per night for single occupancy. Volunteers will secure their own lodging. Volunteers will take the public train to the Addiewell facility together. The group will meet at the train station in central Edinburgh at 8:00 a.m. on the mornings of June 2 and June 5-9. The address of the train station is: Waverly Station: Edinburgh EH1 3EG United Kingdom. If you would like to take the train with the group each morning, please check the distance from your hotel to the train station and be sure to leave enough time to get to Waverly Station by 8:00 a.m. PEP will pay for your train card. 

Administrative Fee: $200 

PLEASE NOTE: Food, airport transportation, travel insurance, sightseeing excursions, passport, and other expenses are not included in the estimate above. Please make your own estimates for these and any other expenses. 

See Sample Flight Itinerary from LAX to Edinburgh:

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